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Carpet Cleaning Assumptions

I was recently asked “what assumptions do people make about your business that you have to correct”. There are many, but 3 in particular came to mind. Let’s take a look at these carpet cleaning assumptions.

Assumption #1 – I can get my carpet cleaned for $6 per room.

Really? I often ask myself “does anyone really believe those ads for carpet cleaning for $6.95/room”? Don’t they read the fine print that says “additional soiling may require pre-treatment at $0.25/s.f.,” I ask myself. Fortunately, I don’t run into people who think this very often. I have purposely tried to build my business with people who appreciate an honest approach and an excellent job. Most people here in Gilbert and Chandler, Arizona seem to fit that bill. Still, those companies continue to advertise these silly prices and continue to tack on crazy extras that bring the total bill much, much higher. In the process they create enormous ill-will and damage the reputation of professional carpet cleaners. The only silver lining is that they create opportunity for me to distinguish myself.

Assumption #2 – Over the counter spot cleaners do the job.

I encounter this one frequently. Let me give you the cold hard truth. In many cases the major brands do a good job. However, if you try to remove a stain from your carpet with a store bought cleaner and the stain doesn’t come out you have probably permanently set the stain. Or, put another way, when you try to clean and fail, you’ve made it worse. In a nutshell the problem is this. Stains are not created equal. Some require acidic cleaners, other require alkaline. Still others need solvents or oxidizer/reducers. The carpet cleaning product you buy in the store is a one-size-fits-all solution and because of that it often fails. And sets the stain in the process. When it comes to stains it’s best to blot it up, rinse with water, then call a professional carpet cleaner.

Assumption #3 – Replacing carpet with tile or wood floors will improve the allergy situation in my home.

I used to think so. I mean it makes sense doesn’t it? Having all of those carpet fibers holding all of that dust, pet hair, pollen, and who knows what else can’t be good right? Getting rid of the carpet will get rid of the problem. Not do fast. Does the carpet cause the dust or bring in the pet hair? No. In fact, it filters those things. It traps the allergens and acts as part of the home’s filtration system. A recent study out of Germany backs this up. In essence, dirty carpet is like a dirty air filter. It needs to be cleaned, not taken away. I plan to talk more about this in a future post.

Leave your carpet cleaning to the pros.

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